Responsible Production,  development and 

Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company is an independent oil & gas
company, with a balanced portfolio of
producing fields, development projects
and exploration prospects. A core
component of Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company's strategy has
been to be the operator of its assets.

Total Operated

130 000

Our culture is to deal with every project with an clear and creative mindset everytime

Company overview


Our success lies on the skill and
mindset of our workers, who constantly
adapting to new challenges

staff around the world

A team

“ Dedicated,
hard-working people
make Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company
an ideal partner ”



Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company, a partner in sustainable 


An operating license brings responsibilities
towards the local population, so that they
benefit directly from our presence

“ We are proud of our
donations and dedication to
social programmes in communities where we are present”

Tan Sing Hwa

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