Providing wholesale distribution, storage and transportation of petroleum products,
Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company is a fully independent oil and gas company.
Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company has a well balanced portfolio of production, development, exploration and Transportation
assets around the world, built through a strategy of acquisition and strong organic growth.


Transportation, Exploration, Development and Production

Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company is an independent oil & gas
company with operations in
countries across the globe.

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Exploration, developement and production

Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company, provides wholesale distribution, storage and transportation of petroleum products including asphalt, kerosene, fuel oil, diesel fuel, heavy oil, gasoline and marine Aviation Equipment. We maintain storage and distribution capability throughout US, East Coast, Gulf Coast, Midwest and Canadian Terminals, including services to international destinations. This is a business operations centre responsible for international cargo trading, global oil product supplying and blending, as well as logistic management. Annual cargo trade volume is between 12 to 15 million tons.

Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company currently produces approximately 150 000 boepd, of which 50 000 boepd is net to the company. While Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company's growth has been driven by various expansion skill, the Group's strategy evolved rapidly towards renewing licenses and securing additional acreage for new exploration and development opportunities.

Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company now has a balanced portfolio with a solid production base, development projects and high quality exploration prospects. A core component of Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company's policy has also been to be operator of its assets. As a responsible operator, we are proud to be a partner of choice and to maintain the highest safety and environmental standards.


Our culture is to adapt with
creative solutions for the successful delivery of every barrel

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A note from our CEO


The Oil & Gas industry has been going through a period of considerable change.  Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company has always been nimble and proactive, including in response to the shifting sands of the macro-economic environment. 


We have many competitive advantages, but one that clearly stands out in today’s new and still evolving landscape is the group’s strategic focus on the exploitation of marginal fields. 


We are proud to make a positive contribution to the communities closest to where we operate. Our continued success can only be assured if we maintain the highest standards in terms of health and safety, and respect for the environments in which we work.  

Tan Sing Hwa, CEO

Total Operated

150 000

Group history

For many years, tough business decisions
and a policy of group development
have enabled Fossil Universal Oil & Gas Company to pursue a
tactic of steady expansion